Gulu Conference 2021

The RYVU team was very pleased to join the UNESCO Chair on Lifelong Learning, Youth and Work, Gulu University Conference, on 25-28 April 2021. The conference format was hybrid, with live sessions happening in Gulu, Uganda, and also livestreams and online panel sessions, guided by the central theme “Towards meaningful education and decent work for the youth in Eastern and Southern Africa: partnerships, democratisation and sustainability”

On 26 April, Dr Cuthbert Tukundane and Dr Moses Okech gave a presentation on the topic ‘Why young refugees volunteer in Uganda: community, skills and employment’. The presentation explored data from the RYVU project survey that involved young refugee volunteers in Nakivale, Rwamwanja, Bidibi and Kampala to explore who volunteers and in what ways, how this relates to their existing skillsets, and whether it enables them to develop new skills and capacities. They have also discussed some of the implications for policy and practice, if volunteering is to play an inclusive and effective role in supporting young refugees’ strategies to enhance their capacities and build more sustainable livelihoods.

The RYVU team also led the panel roundtable ‘Volunteering, skills and employment: exploring meaningful partnerships’, on 27 April. The panel was facilitated by Dr Cuthbert Tukundane and involved a range of experienced panellists sharing their insights (either online or in person) in an engaging discussion with conference participants in the room: 

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