Decolonial Chats: ‘Coloniality and Ethics in Development Research: Whose Reality Counts?’

The Centre for International Development at Northumbria University, with the support of the UK Development Studies Association (DSA), hosted in June 2021 the series of online workshops “Decolonial Chats” that was aimed at students, early-career researchers and development practitioners, interrogating how coloniality is embedded within development research and practice and how global development can be a driver of contemporary global, racialised inequalities.

Dr Moses Okech was one of the speakers in the series and gave a presentation on the 9th of June about the RYVU project on the theme ‘Coloniality and Ethics in Development Research: Whose Reality Counts?’. The discussion called for a reconsideration of the notions of ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ volunteering and the place for ‘African volunteering’ in development literature and practice. Thanks to all that engaged in an insightful workshop, and you can check Moses’s recorded presentation in the video above.

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