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Dr. Aisling O’ Loghlen, Northumbria University

Dr. Aisling O’ Loghlen is a Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow in Global Challenges based in the Centre for International Development at Northumbria University. Her research interests include the concern with the distinctive ways governance arrangements in a particular city inform displaced groups’ spatial distribution and experiences of vulnerability in cities of the Global South. Her academic research to date has focused mostly on sub-Saharan Africa. Dr. O’Loghlen received a James-Watt Scholarship to complete her Ph.D. in Urban Studies which examined the vulnerabilities of urban displaced populations in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Before starting work in Northumbria, Aisling also worked as a project manager on research projects related to urban profiling of displaced populations in Afghanistan, in addition to working as a consultant for various humanitarian agencies including RedR UK.

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